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On March 5, the second collaboration of this year ended, which saw us as protagonists together with the Olcese Ferrari spinning mill in the creation of some garments for the new men’s summer collection.

The yarns used are historic Olcese yarns such as Avorio Bio and new yarns chosen for particular aesthetic or hand effects, always with a focus on sustainability.

Olcese Ferrari sustainable yarns
Olcese Ferrari summer knitwear collection

Avorio Bio is the most basic cotton yarn for summer flat knitting, as much basic as it is essential to have in a summer knitwear collection. It is in fact made of combed organic cotton, in two counts that are used for different purposes, 2/50 for 14 gauge and 3/50 for gauge 12. Speaking of flat knitting machines, the 3/50 counts can be used in multiple plys on the machines below that allow the use of yarns with a lower count and therefore with a greater thickness.

The raw material of biologic or organic cotton, call it what you will, has had great importance in recent years and continues to have more and more so

Used for some time for small capsules or specific projects by many companies and brands, organic cotton is popular among the brands best known to the general public in the mass market and fast fashion as well as in some luxury brands that have begun to be increasingly careful in recent years to the topic of sustainability.

Among the other yarns used we find Lugano, made with Tencel, also this sustainable fiber of cellulosic origin, similar to viscose, of which we talk a lot now, up to more fancy yarns.

The knot, yarn with a frisé effect with the particularity of these dots that are reminiscent of small knots that make it even more original than the classic yarns with a round loop called bouclé.

Among the yarns used there is also Budelli, a moulinet/malfilé yarn that we had already appreciated and used last summer and that we decided to re-insert both in purity and mixed with the others in the Jacquard garments.

In fact, among the garments we made two jacquard sweater that mix the different yarns in order to enhance both the design and the yarns themselves for effects, counts and colors combined with each other.

Olcese Ferrari summer knitwear collection
Olcese Ferrari summer knitwear collection

As for the colors, neutral tones were chosen such as light gray melange, a very summery shade, combined with midnight blue and tones of beige and brown.

Everything is lit by the oranges and yellows that illuminate the jacquard garments and make the whole package homogeneous.