knitwear factory and manufacturing

Maglificio FMF logo

Maglificio FMF was founded in 1983 and have supplied knitwear to the best European brands and retailers for over 30 years.

The Company is well established and it is a renowned knitwear manufacturer in the Italian market.


Passion, creativity, understanding/dedication to the product are our key motivations.

We are strictly focused on a careful and accurate research of yarns, knitting techniques and garment finishing, all finalized to create and deliver a successful product keeping a tradition of excellence always aligned with Clients target prices.

Our mission is to deliver to final Client the product expected from Italy offering a superior service: starting from the initial yarn research, to the finished garment delivery.

Maglificio FMF logo


We produce both ladies and men‘s, from casual to latest fashion trends and up to high end of the market focusing on the product: attractive designs, quality yarns and strict attention to details enable us to produce premium products synonymous of the Italian excellence with maximum availability to design and to create customized items.

In the Company, our sampling facility is dedicated to prototypes and sampling development where the product is created by skilled hands with years of practice into the knitting and confection, specialized in creating models designed on Client’s request.


Using the latest Stoll knitting machines we produce over 100 original designs every month across the gauges – 3gg, 5gg, 7gg, 12gg and 14 gg.

Our showroom has our latest collection of designs and new styles are added daily.

Lead-time for 1st proto around 2 weeks, SMS in around 4 weeks and 6 to 10 week lead times for bulk, repeat orders are often faster.


We work with all spinners mainly from Italy: Wool, Cotton, Viscose, Polyester, Nylon and luxury fibers such as Cashmere, Silk and Alpaca.

Them all used pure or blend.