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Here we are at the article on our collaboration with the Pinori spinning mill.

Pinori Spa from Prato is specialized in fancy yarns and regenerated yarns with RCS certification and constant and careful research regarding sustainability in every steps of the production process of its yarns. They are in fact members of 4sustanability and adhere to the ZDHC protocol, which guarantees the elimination of toxic and harmful chemicals during the process.

It is one of the spinning mills with which we have been working as a knitwear factory for many years and with which we have had the opportunity, even in this last period, to collaborate for the latest summer and winter men’s collections.

The yarns that we used for the creation of these garments and swatches with particular knit stitches comes from the latest SS22 Pinori yarns collection. Regarding the composition we ranged over regenerated cotton blends, to linen blends and recycled technical polyester.

Some of the knit stitches we used are the fur stitch, ottoman and vanisé. All these three are peculiar processes that create special texture effects or a particular two-tone effect in the vanisè stitch.

The fur stitch in knitwear requires the use of two different yarns, a steady one and one highly elastic. The first yarn is the one, usually thicker, with which you want to create the fur effect, the second is an elasticized that, being under and re-entering more than the previous one, helps to inflate the yarn above, creating a high loop that simulates the typical effect animal or synthetic fur.

The ottoman is a restraint of needles on the back while the front needle bed needles are worked. The effect that is created is a three-dimensional effect that consists of the appearance of one or generally a series of horizontal “tubes” that give the knitted cloth thus created also a characteristic hand and heaviness, which varies according to the fineness on which is realized. Often it is suitable for jackets or outerwear such as the cloth created by us with the Recy-sponge yarn caged in recycled cotton and polyester for gauge 3 very nice to use for jackets or heavy sweaters.

collaboration fmf pinori ottoman knitwear garments
collaboration fmf pinori ottoman knitwear garments

Vanisé, on the other hand, is a technique that consists of working two yarns at the same time, when one works one on the front, the other works on the back and vice versa.

Very beautiful are the two-tone ribbed vanisè or even the simple shaved ones that using this system become double faces in which both colors can be seen on both sides but there will be a predominance of one on each side.

Specifically, we used this technique to create a knit stitch that mixes stockinette stitch and pearl stitch in a geometric design made of Denimtech, a regenerated cotton blend yarn from the summer SS22 Pinori.

collaboration fmf pinori vanise knitwear garments
collaboration fmf pinori vanise knitwear garments