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In the study and planning of our new man and woman summer samples, for the new collections we asked some of the spinning mills we usually work with if they would have liked to collaborate with us in the creation of some new garments for which we could have joined forces.

We put the ideas and the development of the garments into it, while Alpes spinning mill, the first factory with which we made a collaboration with for this season, provided us with the perfect yarns for each garment chosen.

Below you will find the photos of these garments now concluded and sent to the spinning mill, which will entrust them to its sales representatives or exhibit them in its headquarters and will use them in the promotion of its new or continuous yarns used by us in the creation of our new FMF women’s summer samples.

The garments resulting from this collaboration are several types of clothing, feminine garments that range a lot from basic sweaters to skirts, tops and dresses with important workmanship.