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“Color is a power that directly affects the soul.”

(Wassily Kandinsky)

Colors generate an emotional reaction in anyone: this is an unconscious reaction that each person has when faced with an emotional urge as strong as color.

In fact, colors are not simple accessories with which we embellish ourselves, but they convey messages in the form of emotions.

armocromia Maglificio FMF

Armocromia has been viral on the web lately, everyone wants to know which season they belong to with the tests that con be found on the web. To each season is associate a palette of colors that naturally blend with the person. In an a ideal situation body and personality often are alligned and resonate harmoniously. Therefore we can say that the color scheme helps us subconsciously to identify and communicate who we really are and the emotions we feel.

But let’s see the psychology behind some colors together.

Red: It is the color associated with love and sensuality, it is the symbol of passion. It’s also the color of blood, energy and heat. It has an energizing effect that pushes action. The person who decides to wear red has a strong, combative personality and wants to convey confidence.

Yellow: Conveys positivity. It is in fact the brightest color that we associate with the sun: it represents the arrival of a new day, a new beginning and is a symbol of wisdom, intelligence and strength. Those who wear yellow have a very impactful and expansive personality, they are optimistic and sociable. Symbol of vitality and rebirth, yellow communicates openness and creativity.

Green: It is the color of nature and for this reason it was chosen as the color symbol of life and rebirth. It is associated with tranquility, serenity and reflection. The person who wears green transmits feelings of peace, harmony and balance.

Blue: The psychology of color defines blue as a relaxing tint that transmits and communicates a feeling of peace. In fact, it symbolizes calm, inner peace and, at the same time, is linked to meanings such as tradition and a sense of belonging. As a very authoritative and professional shade, it is the color par excellence of companies and politicians. Dressing in blue expresses tranquility and privacy, but also honesty and seriousness.

Orange: It is not a primary color, as it is obtained, it assumes the characteristics of both yellow and red, attenuating them. It emphasizes good humor, optimism and the will to live. Getting along with this color means having a good level of vitality, enthusiasm and desire to have fun.

Pink: It is a color that lightens the mind, able to ward off negative thinking, relieves pain and sadness. It is linked to innocence, it brings us back into contact with our feelings, associating it with sweetness and tenderness.

White: It is the color of purity and elegance. It is synonymous of innocence, simplicity. Dressing in white means wanting to appear simple but at the same time refined and sensitive.

Black: This is the supreme color non-color. It is the color capable of absorbing all the luminous radiation that invests it, so as not to reflect any of it that excites the eye. It denotes elegance and charm. Perfect for galas or important events in general, it is a color associated with power and mystery.

armocromia Maglificio FMF